Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP services now available at our new location:

1710 Lawrence Dr. Ste 200 Depere 54115   P: 920.570.6339
  • Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) for adolescents and adults
  • All programming uses evidenced based treatment modalities and are created by certified eating disorder specialists (CEDS and CEDRD).
  • Transitional living (housing) available  for those out of town group members. A cozy independent living apartment is less than a mile away from  the Evolve DePere clinic.

Sample Adult Programming Schedule:

8:00am Vital/weight/medical check in
8:30am Therapeutic meal (Breakfast)
9:30am DBT/Nutrition/ACT/ART/ Outing
10:30 Therapeutic meal (Snack) Individual sessions
10:45 Body image/Cooking/mindful movement/authentic living Individual sessions
11:45 Free choice—practice skills learned Individual sessions
12:15 Therapeutic meal (Lunch)
1:00pm Process group/Art/Trauma group/Exploring emotions
2:30pm  Goal setting/Check out Individual session
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Sample Adolescent Programming Schedule:

12pm Vital/weight/medical check in
12:30pm Therapeutic meal (Lunch)
1:15pm Process group/Mindfulness/Movement/authentic living Individual sessions
2:45pm Free choice—practice skills learned Individual sessions
3:15pm Therapeutic meal (Snack) Individual sessions
3:30pm DBT/ACT/Art/process/nutrition group
5:00pm Therapeutic meal (Dinner)
5:45pm Process/goal setting/ Check out

Contact our program director, Nichole Baumgartner, for more information or to schedule your intake today.  920.364.9078 or

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