Courtney Stiles Sowers

Courtney Stiles Sowers



Courtney comes to us from the east coast via being a military wife, where she and her family moved several times over the last 7 years where the experience she gained was definitely plentiful. Courtney studied clinical counseling in her home state of New Jersey, where she worked in various correctional institutions and private therapy firms. Courtney’s concentration during her studies was on behaviorism, PTSD and Trauma.

Courtney is a driven and compassionate therapist.  Over the course of the last 5 years Courtney has worked in an inpatient setting in the following two departments of assessment and referral and clinical where finally she settled in as an inpatient therapist working with both adolescents and adults. Courtney has a long background in crisis and trauma with a concentration not only in clinical assessment, but also CBT, Trauma informed care and Solution Focused therapy.

Military/Veteran Issues

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