Service Dog

Buck is a 4 year old golden retriever from Custom Canines in Madison, WI.  Buck’s main job description is to provide medical assistance to his handler should she need it.  He underwent two years of intense and specialized training to be able to detect the biochemical changes that occur in the body prior to a seizure and provide the needed support.  However, since his arrival at Evolve, he has quickly become a favorite amongst the clients.   Buck’s calm, sensitive nature and loving heart make him a wonderful asset to the treatment team.  Buck truly loves coming to Evolve and meeting new and old friends.  In fact, he usually has to be bribed to leave!  Buck’s favorite spots at Evolve are the doorway to Shawna’s office and on top of the air conditioning duct on the floor in her office.  When he is happy and content (which is usually when someone is petting his head) he will actually purr like a cat!  When he is not at work, he enjoys rolling in the grass, chewing on his favorite bone, playing fetch and cuddling in bed.