Evolve Team Returns to the Office

As of Tuesday, May 26th 2020 the staff at Evolve will be returning to the office to see clients for individual sessions ONLY, groups will remain virtual. This is a soft opening at this time; we will be editing this information as we proceed forward.

Who can have a session at the office:

  • People that no longer have telehealth services covered by their insurance plan
  • Those that are experiencing technology complication which would impact their telehealth services
  • Those negatively impacted by telehealth services

What measures is Evolve taking to minimize the Covid-19 spread:

  • Evolve is requiring everyone who enters our office
  • Sanitize or wash their hand immediately upon entrance of the building
  • Wear protect face gear (we will have disposable masks available)
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing (office spaces have been rearranged)
  • Sanitizing of all touchpoints will be done after each session
  • We are requiring guests/clients of Evolve need to remain in their car and call the front desk admin to inform them of your arrival–do not enter the building until your provider comes to get you from your car or meets you at the front door. Our waiting rooms are not big enough to maintain 6 ft of social distancing so we cannot have people come in and linger in the waiting room.
  • We are requiring that when you come for a session ONLY you come to the appointment. For adolescents who bring a guardian with them, when the guardian is finished checking in with an Evolve provider, the guardian needs to return to their automobile –again our waiting rooms are not big enough to maintain 6 ft of social distancing.

Please note that your provider is assigned a certain day(s) to be in the office so if you are needing a session in the office please reach out to your provider and discuss the next steps to arrange a face to face session.

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