I Love My Smile.

“In 7th grade I spent the entire year believing that my smile was the ugliest thing. I hated my braces, I hated how my cheeks looked (in my head they looked like SpongeBob’s cheeks), and I hated my teeth. In 3rd grade I ran into a wall (literally) and chipped one of my front teeth in half vertically. I had a root canal and my tooth turned grey at the top because it was dead. This didn’t bother me until middle school because in my head it looked way worse than it really was, so I never smiled in pictures. When I got my braces off the summer before my freshman year I couldn’t stop smiling with my teeth!! I loved it. As the summer went on I noticed my teeth were turning more yellow and I wanted to whiten them so my smile would glow, except I couldn’t because my dead tooth couldn’t be whitened because there’s no nerves in them. I was upset but I still smiled. My sophomore year changed all of that though. I was playing with my dog and he jumped and hit me in the mouth, causing my dead tooth to go very loose. I went to the dentist and they had to pull it out and give me a clear plastic retainer with filling in it to look like my tooth. I was so embarrassed. I only told 3 of my friends about how it because I was scared about what people would think/say. That summer I got a plastic tooth which i will have until I’m 18 and can get an actual fake tooth that not held together with wire and glue. Now that I got over the fact that I have a fake tooth, my cheeks get bigger when I smile, and I can’t get my teeth whitened, I smile like there’s no tomorrow.”

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