Transitional Living

What is it:
Transitional living is an apartment rented to individuals who need a place to stay while attending the PHP program at Evolve. This offers a convenient way to attend programming without excessive amounts of traveling and also affords those that live outside of the local area. Transitional living is a substance-free living arrangement and is an independent living arrangement—no programming or clinician oversight occurs at the apartment. Transitional living is not a guaranteed living arrangement option.

Where is it:
Our 4 bedroom 2 bath house is a short 10-15 minute drive from our DePere offices. The house is conveniently located close to shopping centers, grocery stores, medical clinics/facilities, and pharmacies.

How do I sign up:
If interested in our transitional living apartment please contact our office and speak with one of our Administrative Assistants to go through the onboarding meeting. You must be in our PHP program and pass a background check to be considered for this living arrangement.

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