Attuned IOP for BED/BN

What does it mean to be attuned?

Being attuned to your body means that you experience and are able to be fully aware of your somatic (bodily) sensations moment to moment while then being equipped with the tools to respond with what it needs. Sometimes that is nutrition, sleep, breathe, self-soothing or self-compassion. Our needs change on a day-to-day basis and I believe people often get stuck in trying to do the same thing over and over and/or trying to strictly follow another person’s plan or diet. Thinking the answers are external lead people to avoiding going internal where the real healing, information and transformation happens. My hope is that people who take the journey of healing their relationship with food start to trust themselves and build confidence that they have everything they need within and they are fully deserving of nourishing their body in a way that feels good to them.

Amanda Radtke

Amanda Radtke, Licensed Professional Counselor for the Attuned Program

Being attuned means turning your focus inward and not only listening for what your body is trying to tell you, but also responding to your needs compassionately. Attunement is coming to better understand that I cannot show up as my best self for others, until I’ve fulfilled my own self-care needs. This looks like packing a satisfying lunch and taking time to eat it during the day, even if (and especially!) my to-do list is long. It means refilling my water bottle and hydrating myself, as well as taking breaks. It means taking time off, laughing with my colleagues, getting outside, being a part of a community, living out my values, sharing my passions and interests with others, asking questions when I don’t understand. Attunement is filling the many cups we need filled to thrive as joy-filled human beings.

What is the Attuned Program?

This is a group program for adults dealing with binge eating/emotional eating, bulimia, chronic dieting, weight cycling, and/or a poor sense of body image/self-worth. You will meet with other group members in a safe and confidential environment to discuss day-to-day struggles and feelings associated with disordered eating.

WHERE: We meet at 1716 Lawrence Dr. STE 107 De Pere, WI
WHEN: Mondays – Wednesdays, from 8am-11am (9 hours a week in groups/meal support, plus 1 weekly individual dietitian session AND 1 weekly individual therapy session

Evolve Attuned Intensive Outpatient Program Schedule

Attuned Schedule

• Groups are subject to change based on the needs of individuals in program and staff availability.
• All clients will need a minimum of one 60-minute individual sessions with their therapist. It is strongly encouraged that family/support people join in on these sessions.
• All clients also must have two 30-minute individual sessions OR one 60-minute session with their dietitians weekly. It is strongly encouraged that family/support people join in on these sessions.

Participants will explore and practice the following:

• Intuitive Eating Principles
• Health At Every Size (HAES)
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
• Mindful Movement
• Meal planning and prep strategies
• Cooking skills
• Body Image
• Self-Care
• Seven Dimensions of Wellness
• Emotional awareness and regulation
• Coping skills

Your treatment team will be made up of a licensed professional counselor and registered dietitian who will facilitate groups and meet weekly with you one-on-one. Your treatment team will get to know your individual needs and collaborate with you to develop goals that will support you on a path to becoming more attuned to your body and fostering an improved relationship with food.

How do I sign up?

This is a higher level of care(HLOC) program that in order to start we will have you complete a phone screen (Via calling the front desk at 920-570-6339) to determine if this is an appropriate fit for you. If it is determined Attuned IOP is best fit then Evolve will complete a prior authorization with your insurance company in order to verify your insurance benefits coverage

Number to call for phone screen: 920-570-6339

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