Emily Gurnee


Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner (APNP)

Emily Gurnee is an advanced practice nurse practitioner (APNP) who specializes in family practice nursing. Emily has been an APNP with Evolve Healing, LLC since February 2020. Prior to this position, she practiced as a cardiac nurse practitioner with a local cardiology practice. She has been practicing as an APNP since August 2016. Emily has over 20 years of nursing care experiences. Prior to becoming an APNP, she practiced for 16 years as an RN in acute hospital nursing care of medical, surgical, and cardiac patients. The last 6 years of her RN practice also included experience as a charge nurse on an acute care nursing cardiac/medical unit. Lastly, prior to her earning her RN nursing license in 2000, her nursing experience also included 4 years working as a CNA in an acute care hospital setting with surgical patients.

Emily has a passion in patient education and encompasses this with each individual patient she cares for. She strongly believes if patients have a better understanding of their disease, how their body is affected by their disease process, along with education on the purpose and importance of certain medications and/or treatment options for their disease, patients will be more accepting of their disease and compliant with their treatment. Emily carries FNP-BC certification through an accredited national board, ANCC. Has her master’s degree in nursing from Bellin College. Bachelor’s Degree in nursing from University of Wisconsin Green Bay and an associates degree in nursing from Fox Valley Technical College. She also carries an up to date DEA certification for medication prescribing, and has up to date certifications on BLS (basic life support) and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) through the American Heart Association.