Callie Lebrun, RD, CD


Registered Dietitian

Callie graduated from The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics. She then took an opportunity as a Dietary Director at a long term therapeutic care center where she worked closely with the Dietitian, Therapists and Nurses providing individuals with a variety of morbidities personalized care to meet their healing needs. She continued her journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian by entering the Didactic Internship program through Priority Nutrition Care based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

Through her Internship and professional experience she has had the opportunity to work with those with diabetes, heart failure, hepatic conditions, renal failure, gastrointestinal disorders and malnutrition. She developed the aspiration to help guide those struggling with disordered eating by finding passion in supporting positive body image and confronting subjects such as diet culture and disordered eating through leading discussions and lectures in a therapeutic facility and public schools.

Callie values good nutrition not only as a part of her career but also in her personal life. At home, Callie and her husband are always busy on their homestead where they raise food that is not only nutritious but also sustainably raised and processed. She raises rabbit, chicken, eggs, a variety of heirloom produce, and worms. Yes worms!

Callie is proud to be a member of the team at Evolve and is eager to support those striving to reach better health and developing a stronger relationship with their nutrition.

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