About Us

About Us

Evolve's Evolution

The idea for our treatment center started out as a tiny seed in 2009 when Brenda Velissaris noticed a huge gap in the levels of care offered to people struggling with an eating disorder in the Fox Valley. Though the seed was planted it did not grow into much until Brenda and Kate Yonke met at a community meeting in 2013. The two introduced themselves to each other and within minutes the seed began to germinate and Evolve began to well, evolve.  In less than a year, Kate and Brenda created a center for eating disorders that fills in the treatment gap here in the Fox Valley.  In the beginning, Kate provided the nutritional and dietetic knowledge while Brenda provided the mental health/therapeutic knowledge.  Since then Evolve has continued growing into a state licensed practice that includes five therapists and three dietitians providing individualized care to those who are struggling with eating disorders.

Evolve offers comprehensive individual, family and group therapy, individual nutritional counseling, and a variety of experiential therapies by our experienced team of counselors and dietitians. We also offer Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for adolescents and adults who require more support to individuals and their families than outpatient alone can offer. We believe that everyone can have a healthy relationship with food, themselves and others and we’re here to help you plant the seed to recovery.


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